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Summer holidays are over and that beach seems a million miles away! Schools are back and the house seems quiet. You toy with the idea of getting your winter clothes out, but hang onto your flip flops just in case. Then someone mentions the ’C’ word. The cards are in the shops already and a child informs you with anticipation just how many days are left until, yes, CHRISTMAS.

As usual, you are in charge of the works do and you must try to top the huge success of last year. One 4 Luck Casino Hire, Guildford can help you to smash it! We are all ready with our Festive Fun money to offer you the party night of the year.

Our mobile casino with professional croupiers is ready to come to your venue of choice and set up for a wonderful night of excitement.  Fridays in December are our most popular evenings, so contact us quickly if you want to ensure your party is a hit! As for New Year, we are taking bookings already.

So don’t miss out! Call One 4 Luck Casino hire on 01483 830465 or 0775 104 192 for the best corporate event this season!

Alternatively, email info@one4luck.co.uk