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Palindromic Birthdays

We love birthdays, and can honestly say that our mobile fun casino has brought a thrilling and exciting time to every major milestone birthday that you care to mention. 18th, 21st, 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th …you get the idea! And not forgetting all those intergenerational celebrations too.

But we think we may have hit on an overlooked one that we’re hoping will set a trend. After this year, new causes for celebration are much needed! It was the fact that we have some interesting numerical combinations coming up in our own family, that got us thinking. For example, this past month alone, we had a 7th, 37th and 87th! Once you start crunching those numbers there is a world of possibilities. So step forward if you have a 22nd, 33rd, 44th, 55th or even a 66th on the horizon. With the new retirement age being 66, that’s a double cause for celebration. And then of course, factor in the astounding numerical fact that if you add up all the numbers on a Roulette wheel you get..666. Perfect for a Halloween birthday!

So do the maths, and see what unique combination of causes to celebrate you have, and we’ll be there to spin that Roulette wheel and deal those cards out.


As a country, we may have all “sevened out” in March, but we bring glad tidings of great joy!
You can’t keep the British down for long, and our need for fun times and friends is slowly returning.
In accordance with the government’s guidelines, we are getting enquiries, and taking bookings, for small gatherings of up to 30. So our two table Roulette and Blackjack combination is perfect.
There are so many postponed celebrations to now enjoy, as well as upcoming birthdays, weddings, and just those…Hey! We need to throw a party and catch up, occasions.
As time progresses, the restrictions on numbers will ease, and the weather is still good for outdoor gatherings. How about popping up a marquee in your garden?
Rest assured, we steam clean our baizes, wipe down with anti bacterial wipes before every fun casino booking, each table will have a bottle of hand sanitiser, and now we also have clear visors to don if the occasion demands.
We’re really looking forward to bringing you a thrilling fun casino experience!

Easing the Lockdown Blues

It’s great to see that so many of you are clicking on our website looking to book our fun casino entertainment for your event.
In fact, we have already taken bookings for weddings next year, and each day brings a fresh enquiry. Which is heartening news in these troubled times.
Now that two households can meet, have you considered having us drop off a Blackjack or a Casino Stud Poker table, together with all the necessary equipment and rules, to allow you to entertain yourselves?
Our tables are full size, and will be steam cleaned prior to delivery. We can provide hand sanitiser and unopened decks of cards.
We even have one table which can be flipped, giving you a Blackjack layout on one side and a Casino Stud Poker layout on the other side.
Sounds like fun? Then why not give us a call, and see about booking a table for a day or perhaps a weekend?
Blackjack table, chips, Blackjack shoe, cards and rules including delivery and collection within 30 miles of Woking.
  • Casino Stud Poker table, chips, cards and rules including delivery and collection within 30 miles of Woking.
    • One night: £200  Two nights: £250
  • Flip Blackjack and Casino Stud Poker table, and all above:
    • One night: £225   Two nights: £275

Postponed Celebrations

The entire world has come to a halt and is focussed on beating CORVID 19, and of course, that has meant everyone has had to put their plans for Weddings, Birthdays, Charity Fundraisers, PTA Summer Balls and Corporate Fun Days on hold.
With a glorious April unfurling outside our windows, there are encouraging signs that the battle is being won and that we will be able to resume our normal lives. Hopefully with a greater awareness of the need to be kind, less hurried, and caring of the beautiful planet we live on.
And of course, with a profound gratitude for all the frontline workers in the NHS who have selflessly put their own lives in danger fighting the pandemic.
Once we get the “All Clear”, we will be busy rescheduling all the bookings which our clients have had to put on hold, and looking forward to being able to bring all of you a thrilling fun casino experience.
In the meantime, the cat’s Roulette skills are really coming along!
Stay well, stay safe and see you on the other side.

Mandolay Hotel Wedding Showcase Sunday 09/02/2020

We go down a storm at weddings, and would love to talk to you about adding THE most exciting fun casino entertainment to yours!
Do come along and meet us Sunday.
And if you’re not necessarily planning your wedding? It could be a birthday or anniversary that you want to celebrate?
Rarely a week passes without our fun casino making birthdays fizz!
In fact, we had a birthday celebration at The Mandolay on the 1st of February, and this month alone sees us with 5 birthday bookings, and 2 weddings.
Don’t forget the 29th of February falls on a Saturday, so step forward all those Leap Year babies who only celebrate their official birthday once every 4 years!
We’ll be at The Mandolay Hotel from 11am to 3pm. Come and meet us!

2020 Vision

Looking through our fun casino telescope, we can see good times, fun and excitement ahead for all our clients!
Your eyes are riveted on the Roulette wheel, anticipating the rush of adrenaline as the ball falls into your number.
The croupier has just dealt you a winning Blackjack hand.
It’s a new shooter…so let’s roll those Dice!
Wow, a Full House! And it certainly will be with One4luck providing the fun casino excitement.
Hope that ticks the boxes Dan!

2020 x 366 Birthdays = A lot of cake!

Who says you that you can’t have your cake and eat it too?
Every day of the year someone is celebrating their birthday, and as it’s a Leap Year, a special HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all those born on the 29th February!
And lucky us, we get to bring all the excitement of our fun casino entertainment to your birthday celebration.
Blow out those candles, and know that your birthday wish for a fun and exciting celebration has been answered by One4luck!

One4luck Wedding Fun Casino Entertainment

Our fun casino entertainment is hugely popular at weddings, with Roulette and Blackjack being the perfect partnership! You are absolutely guaranteed to have your entire wedding party joining in the excitement.

This month we will be at Blacknest Country Club this Sunday and would love to see you, and if you can’t make that one, catch up with us at Stoke Place for their Wedding Fayre on Sunday 20th October. (See links below).

Really looking forward to helping you plan a thrilling finale to your perfect day! So don’t miss out! Call One 4 Luck Casino hire on 01483 830465 or 0775 104 192 for the best corporate event this season!

Alternatively, email info@one4luck.co.uk




It’s that time of year…

Summer holidays are over and that beach seems a million miles away! Schools are back and the house seems quiet. You toy with the idea of getting your winter clothes out, but hang onto your flip flops just in case. Then someone mentions the ’C’ word. The cards are in the shops already and a child informs you with anticipation just how many days are left until, yes, CHRISTMAS.

As usual, you are in charge of the works do and you must try to top the huge success of last year. One 4 Luck Casino Hire, Guildford can help you to smash it! We are all ready with our Festive Fun money to offer you the party night of the year.

Our mobile casino with professional croupiers is ready to come to your venue of choice and set up for a wonderful night of excitement.  Fridays in December are our most popular evenings, so contact us quickly if you want to ensure your party is a hit! As for New Year, we are taking bookings already.

So don’t miss out! Call One 4 Luck Casino hire on 01483 830465 or 0775 104 192 for the best corporate event this season!

Alternatively, email info@one4luck.co.uk

A Tale of Two Weddings

A brilliant bank holiday weekend of weddings and perfect weather, made doubly special as both come with lovely stories attached.

Hannah and Aaron’s wedding was held on Friday in the idyllic grounds of Cain Manor, Headley Down.

They had seen us at Andy and Alice Holt’s wedding some years previously, and decided there and then, that they HAD to have our fun casino entertainment when the time came to plan their own wedding. As always, the Roulette and Blackjack tables saw nonstop action from 8pm to 11pm!

Those local to Farnham will be familiar with Alice Holt Forest, and yes indeed Andy and Alice’s wedding was held on the Holt family farm. So there is now another Alice Holt! And so lovely to see them again at Hannah and Aaron’s wedding.

Many thanks to Johnny and the team at Cain Manor for their kind assistance.

And that second wedding? Again, a previous client in the shape of Priors Field School, Godalming.

Saturday was another perfect summer’s day, and this time it was Emma and Gareth’s turn. Emma teaches at the school, and we have entertained at quite a few end of year teachers’ bashes, so they knew, first hand, what a hit the fun casino entertainment always is, so much so, that they had 1 Roulette and 2 Blackjack tables…all buzzing from 3pm to 6pm.

It was lovely to be entertaining under a gazebo in the school’s beautiful grounds.