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Mandolay Hotel Wedding Showcase Sunday 09/02/2020

We go down a storm at weddings, and would love to talk to you about adding THE most exciting fun casino entertainment to yours!
Do come along and meet us Sunday.
And if you’re not necessarily planning your wedding? It could be a birthday or anniversary that you want to celebrate?
Rarely a week passes without our fun casino making birthdays fizz!
In fact, we had a birthday celebration at The Mandolay on the 1st of February, and this month alone sees us with 5 birthday bookings, and 2 weddings.
Don’t forget the 29th of February falls on a Saturday, so step forward all those Leap Year babies who only celebrate their official birthday once every 4 years!
We’ll be at The Mandolay Hotel from 11am to 3pm. Come and meet us!

2020 Vision

Looking through our fun casino telescope, we can see good times, fun and excitement ahead for all our clients!
Your eyes are riveted on the Roulette wheel, anticipating the rush of adrenaline as the ball falls into your number.
The croupier has just dealt you a winning Blackjack hand.
It’s a new shooter…so let’s roll those Dice!
Wow, a Full House! And it certainly will be with One4luck providing the fun casino excitement.
Hope that ticks the boxes Dan!

2020 x 366 Birthdays = A lot of cake!

Who says you that you can’t have your cake and eat it too?
Every day of the year someone is celebrating their birthday, and as it’s a Leap Year, a special HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all those born on the 29th February!
And lucky us, we get to bring all the excitement of our fun casino entertainment to your birthday celebration.
Blow out those candles, and know that your birthday wish for a fun and exciting celebration has been answered by One4luck!

One4luck Wedding Fun Casino Entertainment

Our fun casino entertainment is hugely popular at weddings, with Roulette and Blackjack being the perfect partnership! You are absolutely guaranteed to have your entire wedding party joining in the excitement.

This month we will be at Blacknest Country Club this Sunday and would love to see you, and if you can’t make that one, catch up with us at Stoke Place for their Wedding Fayre on Sunday 20th October. (See links below).

Really looking forward to helping you plan a thrilling finale to your perfect day! So don’t miss out! Call One 4 Luck Casino hire on 01483 830465 or 0775 104 192 for the best corporate event this season!

Alternatively, email info@one4luck.co.uk




It’s that time of year…

Summer holidays are over and that beach seems a million miles away! Schools are back and the house seems quiet. You toy with the idea of getting your winter clothes out, but hang onto your flip flops just in case. Then someone mentions the ’C’ word. The cards are in the shops already and a child informs you with anticipation just how many days are left until, yes, CHRISTMAS.

As usual, you are in charge of the works do and you must try to top the huge success of last year. One 4 Luck Casino Hire, Guildford can help you to smash it! We are all ready with our Festive Fun money to offer you the party night of the year.

Our mobile casino with professional croupiers is ready to come to your venue of choice and set up for a wonderful night of excitement.  Fridays in December are our most popular evenings, so contact us quickly if you want to ensure your party is a hit! As for New Year, we are taking bookings already.

So don’t miss out! Call One 4 Luck Casino hire on 01483 830465 or 0775 104 192 for the best corporate event this season!

Alternatively, email info@one4luck.co.uk

A Tale of Two Weddings

A brilliant bank holiday weekend of weddings and perfect weather, made doubly special as both come with lovely stories attached.

Hannah and Aaron’s wedding was held on Friday in the idyllic grounds of Cain Manor, Headley Down.

They had seen us at Andy and Alice Holt’s wedding some years previously, and decided there and then, that they HAD to have our fun casino entertainment when the time came to plan their own wedding. As always, the Roulette and Blackjack tables saw nonstop action from 8pm to 11pm!

Those local to Farnham will be familiar with Alice Holt Forest, and yes indeed Andy and Alice’s wedding was held on the Holt family farm. So there is now another Alice Holt! And so lovely to see them again at Hannah and Aaron’s wedding.

Many thanks to Johnny and the team at Cain Manor for their kind assistance.

And that second wedding? Again, a previous client in the shape of Priors Field School, Godalming.

Saturday was another perfect summer’s day, and this time it was Emma and Gareth’s turn. Emma teaches at the school, and we have entertained at quite a few end of year teachers’ bashes, so they knew, first hand, what a hit the fun casino entertainment always is, so much so, that they had 1 Roulette and 2 Blackjack tables…all buzzing from 3pm to 6pm.

It was lovely to be entertaining under a gazebo in the school’s beautiful grounds.

Weddings Florida Style!

Mar a Lago, is the private members club in Palm Beach currently owned by President Trump.

It was built by Marjorie Merriweather Post in 1924, and it is a stunning house in an equally beautiful setting overlooking the ocean.

Have you ever wondered what a wedding held there with a perfect sunset as a backdrop would look like? Wonder no more!

Sadly, they didn’t ask us to fly out and provide the fun casino entertainment, but we can certainly be there for yours.


Bond is Back!

Yes, the cast for the new Bond film has been officially unveiled, and of course, it goes without saying that there has to be a  casino scene.

So whether your theme is going to be SKYBALL, Spies, Secret Agents or the man himself 007,
you need the expert croupiers to make sure that the fun casino action is as exciting as on screen!

Having lived in the Bahamas where many of the films were shot, we know lots of the locations personally. The Ocean Club, which is located right next door to what is now the Atlantis resort, Paradise Island featured in Casino Royale.

Our daughter swan in the saltwater swimming pool at Rock Point…no sharks in it normally! But plenty on the James Bond wreck.

And Sean Connery lives in Lyford Cay, and used to eat at Capriccio, a little Italian restaurant across the road from where we lived at Cable Beach.

So if you want authenticity,the number is One4luck!


Cashing in your chips?

Cashing in your chips?

Heading for the last roll of the dice, and planning that final celebration? Wondering…how can I make my retirement celebration an action packed, exciting and fun night?

Would it surprise you to know that we are taking lots of bookings from businesses who are looking for exactly that kind of inspiration?

Goodness, that’s an awful lots of questions…and we have the answer. What better send off can there be than an action packed night at our gaming tables? Oops, another question.

With us providing the entertainment…You’ll leave a Winner!

Do one thing Well

Do one thing Well

And that’s the mantra we took as our guiding principle when we launched our mobile fun casino business almost 9 years ago.

That time has whizzed by, and we still wake up each morning thinking of how we can improve on the experience that we deliver to our clients.

It must be working, as so many of you have become repeat customers, and recommended our services to others. Thank you so much!

As ex professional croupiers, we try to create as authentic and exciting a casino atmosphere as possible. The devil is in the detail as the saying goes, and with us it comes down to things as subliminal as sound and lighting.

That’s why the fact that all our gaming chips are weighted, so that we and our team can give you a polished and professional experience, come high on our list. Our cash chips come in £10, £50, £100, £1,000 and £5,000 denominations. We want you to feel and see those numbers, and how it works! Everyone wants an orange £50 chip, and then wants a £100 black chip…and what about one of those white £1,000 chips? You see? You’re excited!

Our Roulette tables have 9 individual players’ colours, and cash chips. The more players, the more excitement generated! And our Blackjack tables all have 9 individual players’ boxes for the same reason.

And lighting is such an important element in creating that intimate atmosphere, focusing attention on the Roulette wheel as the ball drops into the winning number, and highlighting the cards as they are dealt out of the shoe. Which again, has a weighted roller to ensure the smooth delivery of the cards. You see? In the gaming world, a worker is truly only as good as his/her tools.

And now we come to the most important element, without which all the above effort would be wasted…FUN. Yes, we’re here to give you the best experience we can. There may be only one winner at the gaming tables, but everyone has had a winning time!

Have a great weekend!