Transform Any Event into a High-Rolling Casino Experience


No James Bond film would be complete without a scene at a Roulette table. Fast and exciting, it’s the game where big money is won & lost to the iconic sound of the ball falling into the winning number…hence our company name! Roulette & Blackjack are the winning combination for your event.


The most popular card game in the casino! No party would be complete without at least one Blackjack table. If you can count to 21 you will master this in no time. We’ll be delighted to coach you in the best ways to put the odds in your favour. Learn here & then you can put it into practise in a real casino.

All our Blackjack tables come with nIne box layouts, compared to most normal seven box layouts. More boxes means more players can join in the excitement.

Casino Stud Poker 

Your 5 cards against the dealer’s 5 cards. The dealer needs at least ace/king to qualify. Look at you hand & double your initial bet to stay in. If you beat the dealer, depending on the hand you hold,  payouts are up to 50/1 for a Royal Flush!


Ah Ha! THE most exciting & fast paced game in the entire casino BUT do you know how to play it? Learn with us & really impress your friends. We’ll give you professional tuition beforehand…then hang onto your hat!

Wheel of Fortune 

Great fun for all age ranges. Pick a number, place your bet, then watch & listen as that big wheel spins!

Over 20 years of experience.
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You can certainly book us, confident in the knowledge, that all our tables and gaming equipment are full size and maintained to the highest standard.

Clients and venues, always comment on their pristine condition and the professional service we provide.

You would expect no less from professional croupiers who have worked in top casinos, both in Mayfair and overseas, for over twenty years.

We feel confident to say that we are the only fun casino company offering our clients 3 choices of  baize layout colour.

These being: Traditonal Green, Empire Blue and Burgundy Red.

All come with H Style legs, to ensure a REAL Casino experience.