Yes, the cast for the new Bond film has been officially unveiled, and of course, it goes without saying that there has to be a  casino scene.

So whether your theme is going to be SKYBALL, Spies, Secret Agents or the man himself 007,
you need the expert croupiers to make sure that the fun casino action is as exciting as on screen!

Having lived in the Bahamas where many of the films were shot, we know lots of the locations personally. The Ocean Club, which is located right next door to what is now the Atlantis resort, Paradise Island featured in Casino Royale.

Our daughter swan in the saltwater swimming pool at Rock Point…no sharks in it normally! But plenty on the James Bond wreck.

And Sean Connery lives in Lyford Cay, and used to eat at Capriccio, a little Italian restaurant across the road from where we lived at Cable Beach.

So if you want authenticity,the number is One4luck!


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